Quattro™ Spectrofluorometer and Phosphorescence Spectrometer

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Looking for a high end modular research fluorometer instead?

QuantaMaster Fluorometer

If you are looking for the most sensitive and advanced modular research fluorometer, we invite you to consider the QuantaMaster™ family of fluorometers offered by our sister company Photon Technology International (PTI). PTI provides a comprehensive line of instruments for steady state and time-resolved luminescence research. For more information visit www.pti-nj.com.

Optical Building Blocks Corporation is proud to introduce the Quattro™ fluorometer. A revolution in integrated bench-top luminescence technology.

The world’s fastest and most sensitive integrated bench-top fluorometer and phosphorescence spectrophotometer

Though it is small and inexpensive, the all all-new Quattro™ fluorometer offers best in class sensitivity and speed.

15 Second Acquisition!

15 Second Acquisition
This entire 3-D luminescence matrix of phosphorescence decay versus emission wavelength from a DYAG sample was acquired in just 15 seconds!


The Quattro™ fluorimeter is significantly more sensitive than any other bench-top fluorescence spectrometer, and it also offers many unique benefits. It is also very easy to use, and an affordable system to buy.

The Quattro™ is the result of an extensive development to build a better time-resolved luminescence, scanning spectrometer. It features the brightest light source, the best monochromators and an exceptional single pulse decay acquisition capability, all of which are integrated in an elegant design to provide you with the best quality of experimental results, faster than with any other alternative.

Key Benefits of the Quattro™ Spectrofluorometer

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7,500:1 SNR water Raman  (best in class)
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1 µs lamp flash to collect entire phosphorescence decay curve (Unique Quattro™ capability)
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Phosphorescence lifetime-based reaction kinetics (Unique Quattro capability)
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Phosphorescence lifetime-based  temperature ramping (Unique Quattro™ capability)
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Real-time 1 to 4 exponential phosphorescence decay fits
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Pre-scan 3-D wavelength optimization
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Fully automated and self calibrating


A Tradition of Experience and Innovation in Fluorescence/Phosphorescence Technology

Optical Building Blocks Corporation is a new company, but our people and our technologies have been serving the research community for over 30 years. Optical Building Blocks is a sister company to Photon Technology International (PTI). PTI was founded initially as a manufacturer of optical components, and coined the phrase “optical building blocks” in the 1980’s. Over the years PTI evolved into the world leader in the luminescence research community with an ever expanding product line of modular luminescence systems. Today PTI is widely considered to be the industry leader in modular luminescence research systems and enjoys an excellent reputation for performance, reliability and customer satisfaction around the globe. You can learn more about PTI's fluorescence instruments at the following link www.pti-nj.com.

Optical Building Blocks Corporation was established as an independent company to provide focused, dedicated global sales and support of optical components, electro-optical OEM components and compact integrated bench-top luminescence systems. Our systems integrate the best technologies currently available into easy-to-use and affordable bench-top luminescence instruments.

The first fluorescence instruments Optical Building Blocks offered were the EasyLife™ family of fluorescence lifetime systems. This was initially a PTI product family, developed by PTI using their core technologies, but is now offered exclusively through Optical Building Blocks Corporation.  The EasyLife™ family of time-resolved bench-top luminescence systems offer outstanding luminescence lifetime detection from about 100 ps to 300 ms. You can learn more about the EasyLife™ family of systems at the following link www.obbcorp.com/Systems.html

Superior fluorometer performance you can trust!

Have you noticed that almost every other company that provides a luminescence spectrometer claims in their brochure that their system is somehow the best on the market. Shimadzu offers the “world’s highest level performance”, Hitachi has “superior fluorescence technology”, Agilent uses “superior optical design”, and Horiba says they have “the world’s most sensitive spectrofluorometer”? How is it possible that they could all be the best when in fact their published specifications for sensitivity, accuracy or speed are verifiably not better than other systems’ published specifications?

We guarantee the Quattro™ spectrofluorometer!

With Optical Building Blocks we not only guarantee your system will meet or exceed our published specifications but we stand behind your complete satisfaction in the Quattro™ with a money back guarantee.

If, after learning all about the Quattro™, you are still not 100% sure that the system is best for you, OBB Corporation provides all North American customers with a fourteen day evaluation in their lab with their Quattro™, working on their samples. If you place an order with us, you have a fourteen day period from when it is shipped during which time you can determine for yourself if the Quattro™ is the best system for you. The fully automated and self calibrating Quattro is so simple to use that you will be measuring luminescence spectra and/or phosphorescence decays in minutes after you open the box. Within the 14 day evaluation period if you are not completely satisfied with the system for any reason, or no reason at all, you can return it to us at no charge. It's that simple. This offer is not be available in all countries. Contact Optical Building Blocks for details. 14 Day trial offer from OBB

Compare the Quattro™ with any other fluorometer

Do you want to compare the Quattro™ with another fluorometer’s specifications? No problem. Ask for a comparison chart of current published specifications for any of our competitors.

So what are you waiting for?

Give us a call or request a quote for the best new fluorometer on the market.

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Incidentally if you have more demanding fluorescence requirements and are interested in a modular research grade fluorometer, then we strongly recommend that you take a good look at the selection of modular, spectrofluorometers available from our sister company, Photon Technology International.

For more information on the Quattro™ visit the Quattro™ Hardware page.

OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.
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