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Introducing the DeltaPro™
An affordable TCSPC Filter Lifetime Fluorometer and Phosphorimeter
Lifetimes from 25 picoseconds to 1 second

Erythorosin B in water

Though it is small and affordable, the DeltaPro™ is a serious performer. Shown is a very short fluorescence lifetime of 93 ps with the data acquired in a mere 100 ms.

Sample: Erythrosin B in water (µM) 
Source: DeltaDiode-485L @ 100MHz 
Emission: 500nm LP filter 
Time range: 10ns
Acquisition time: 0.1 sec 
τ> = 93 ± 4ps 
χ2= 0.96

In accordance with;
†N. Boens et al Fluorescence Lifetime Standards for Time and Frequency Domain Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Anal. Chem 79 (2007) 2137-2149


HORIBA Scientific has made a truly affordable Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) lifetime fluorometer that is extremely accurate, sensitive and fast.

HORIBA Scientific is proud to introduce the DeltaPro™ TCSPC time-resolved filter fluorometer as a low cost dedicated luminescence decay system. The DeltaPro™ has taken the complexity of time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) and made it so simple and affordable that any lab can exploit the power of fluorescence dynamics using TCSPC. The system is designed for researchers who demand the ultimate in speed and sensitivity however only need to measure fluorescence or phosphorescence decays at specific wavelengths and do not require spectral capabilities that are provided with the use of an emission monochromator. If you are interested in measuring time-resolved emission spectra (TRES) then you need to consider the HORIBA DeltaFlex™ or the PTI TimeMaster™ series of modular fluorescence lifetime systems. These modular instruments are a good choice for the investigator who has very demanding samples and the money to buy such a system. However the vast majority of researchers are just interested in measuring the fluorescence decays at fixed wavelengths and are happy to save money on the lower cost DeltaPro™ TCSPC system. The DeltaPro™ meets the vast majority of experimental requirements and is extremely easy to use.

Benefits of the DeltaPro™

DeltaPro TCSPC check!
FAST— Acquisition times from one millisecond
DeltaPro TCSPC check!
Sensitive—Single photon counting detection
DeltaPro TCSPC check!
Accurate— Crystal locked timing circuits never require recalibration
DeltaPro TCSPC check!
Measures fluorescence and phosphorescence— Lifetimes from 25 ps to 1 second
DeltaPro TCSPC check!
Compact and easy to use
DeltaPro TCSPC check!
Extensive range of LED’s and diodes for excitation

Limited budget?

If you have a very limited budget and do not require phosphorescence capability then you should also consider our alternative, lower cost, EasyLife™ X fluorescence lifetime system.  Although not TCSPC, the EasyLife™ X can do most of the experiments the DeltaPro™ TCSPC can do for about half the price.

Are you thinking about adding TCSPC fluorescence lifetime components to your own fluorometer?

Do not waste your money on an expensive TCSPC upgrade to your aging fluorometer. The DeltaPro™ TCSPC offers all of the benefits listed above in a new, stand alone, compact instrument. Plus you will have the benefit that your steady state fluorometer and your time resolved DeltaPro™ can both be used at the same time, dramatically increasing your labs productivity.

Proven TCSPC technology with a proud tradition

The DeltaPro™ is the newest low cost TCSPC system from HORIBA Scientific. Consequently there are not many literature citations for the DeltaPro™ itself. However the DeltaPro™ replaces and builds on the platforms of a previous model from HORIBA, called the TemPro which itself was built on more than two decades of TCSPC innovation by IBH. For an updated list of publications citing the use of these HORIBA TCSPC systems click here

Google Scholar

So what are you waiting for?

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For more information on the benefits of the lifetime technique visit the DeltaPro™ Lifetime Benefits  page.


OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.

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