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EasyLife™ Patented Detection Methodology (120 KB PDF)

Describes the unique patented technology that allows for EasyLife™ to offer: fast, accurate, easy and inexpensive method of measuring fluorescence lifetimes.

Theory of Fluorescence Decay (70 KB PDF)

Describes the basic theory behind fluorescence decays.

Time-Resolved Fluorescence (Fluorescence Lifetimes) is an Invaluable Compliment to Steady State Fluorescence (or Fluorescence Spectra) (47 KB PDF)

If you are currently doing any kind of luminescence measurement, you will find lifetime measurement capability an extremely useful tool, particularly because it is easy and affordable.

A Great System to Study the Structure and Dynamics of Proteins EasyLife™ V with 280 nm LED
(73 KB PDF)

A sample application on the usefulness of EasyLife™.

Convolution (122 KB PDF)

Describes the effect of excitation pulse on fluorescence response.

Kinetic Scheme (54 KB PDF)

Describes kinetic processes in the excited state.

The FRET Calculator: A Handy Tool for Your FRET Experiment (226 KB PDF)

Describes a unique built in feature of the software that makes FRET calculations easy.

Time-Resolved FRET (74 KB PDF)

If you want to do time-resolved FRET.

Example Experiment (119 KB PDF)

Example of how to do an experiment with EasyLife™.


OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.
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