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Backlit Option

The standard viewing eyepiece can be replaced with an optional backlighting LED to allow the user to set regions of interests without ever needing to move from the microscopes eyepiece. 

With this option the LED then illuminates the field of view through the adjustable iris. You can then look at the field of view through the microscope eyepieces and adjust the LED lit square or rectangle with the edges of the targeting iris.

Adjustable Pinhole Option

For some applications like single molecule detection you may need to detect from precisely known physical areas in the field of view. For such applications having a variable iris is not sufficient, so OBB has an optional pinhole insert that replaces the adjustable iris

The pinhole assembly is a mechanical insert that goes in place of our standard aperture blade assembly. There is a one-inch diameter holder for laser cut pinhole apertures with holes that can be selected from 5 µm to 200 µm in diameter (select from list). The pinholes are positioned in the focal plane of the microscope and can be translated +/- 3 mm from center with easy to use micrometers.


Pinhole Option

Since the pinholes are so small in diameter, the only way to target through them is by backlighting the pinhole with our backlit LED option and visually aligning them in the field of view through the eyepieces of the microscope. The user can target a specific region of interest for the photometer to measure by using the X/Y translation on the pinhole insert or by moving the stage of the microscope.

Dual Emission Dichroic Cubes

The multi channel OBB microscope photometers are designed to hold standard 18mm dichroic cubes, with 18 mm circular bandpass filters and an 18 x 26 mm dichroic mirror. Currently we offer three standard application specific dual emission cube assemblies that include two emission filters and an appropriate dichroic mirror. Custom filters and dichroics may be purchased separately.

Standard dual emission cubes

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Dual emission Ca++ indicator, INDO-1 cube with emission bandpass filters for 405 and 485 nm
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Dual emission pH indicator, SNARF cube with emission bandpass filters for 580 and 640 nm
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Dual emission FRET® cube with emission bandpass filters for 535 and 610 nm


Dual C-port Adapter

The Dual C-Port adaptors attach directly to the C-Port of any microscope. It provides one input and two standard C-Port outputs with a flip mirror to select output port. Both ports have access to full microscope field of view.


OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.

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