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Single Channel Photometer
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Compact, easy to use and very affordable
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Couples to any microscope C-mount
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BNC signal output to any A/D interface
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Analog or photon-counting detection
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Adjustable target aperture
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Single, dual or triple detector channels

OBB’s microscope photometers are ideal for any lab wishing to quantitate light intensity from a sample on a microscope stage. Initially designed for the most demanding low light level fluorescence kinetics of labeled mammalian cells, these photometers are also just as well suited for mineral analysis or transmission studies.

Originally Designed for Intracellular Ca++ Research

The OBB photometer was developed by our sister company Photon Technology International (PTI) with over 1,000 installed systems around the world. PTI is the pioneer in the quantitative ratio fluorescence marketplace having introduced the first patented ratio fluorescence system, the Deltascan™, shortly after the first Fura-2 publication.

Simultaneous measurement of Ca2+ and myocyte cell length with dual emission photometer

Dual Channel Photometer

Dual emission channel OBB photometer for Indo-1 Ca++ measurements


The above data traces are from the simultaneous collection of fluorescence and cell length from a cardiac myocyte. Myocyte was loaded with dual emission ratiometric fluorescence probe Indo-1. The OBB/PTI DeltaRAM illuminator was used for excitation illumination at 365 nm and the emitted fluorescence was detected with a dual emission PMT photometer. Above data was collected with FeliX32 photometry software from Photon Technology International (PTI). The blue trace shows the calcium ratio increase and decrease with the cell contraction. The contraction data (Green trace) was detected with a video edge detection electronics module and is correlated with the fluorescence data since both signals were collect simultaneously.

Ideal for Patch Clamp Electrophysiology Research

Image courtesy of, Prof. Dr. György Panyi, Department of Biophysics and Cell Biology, University of Debrecen

Shown is a picture of a PTI/OBB dual emission photometer attached to the C-mount of an inverted fluorescence microscope. The microscope is also equipped with electrophysiology recording devices and perfusion apparatus. The entire setup is inside a Faraday cage for electrical isolation.

OBB’s photometers are ideal for quantitative live cell measurements of intracellular ion and molecules such as Ca++, Na++, pH, GFP, FRET and FRAP experiments. By allowing for simultaneous quantitative fluorescence detection with patch clamp recordings, these photometers have been widely used by electrophysiologists around the world. The OBB PMT photometer is a passive detection system that provides an output voltage signal proportional to the ion/fluorophore of interest, and this signal is directly fed into the electrophysiology A/D converter and collected with the customer’s existing software. The OBB photometer can collect a fluorescence signal at up to 20 KHz for high speed transient recordings.

Other key applications for the OBB photometer

While the OBB PMT photometer was initially designed for demanding low light level fluorescence detection, it is extremely well suited for a variety of other microscopy applications including the following.

  • Vitrinite coal reflectometry
  • Nanoparticles
  • Quantum dots
  • Materials research

Key features of the OBB PMT photometer

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Very low cost and very easy to operate
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Couples to any microscope C-mount
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Analog PMT output signal connects directly to BNC input on any DAC (no software is required)
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Analog signal LCD display provides light measurement without A/D or software
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PMT detection is 10,000 times more sensitive than a photodiode for low light level detection
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Wide spectral range from the UV to the NIR. 

OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.

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