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ScopeLite 200 Microscope Illumination System

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The ScopeLite 200 delivers high intensity illumination in a small package at a very reasonable cost. It is an excellent alternative to a traditional arc lamp-based microscope illuminator.
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200W Metal halide microscope illuminator
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Excellent stability
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2,000 hour lamp
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Adapters for all fluorescence microscopes
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Key benefits of the ScopeLite 200 versus traditional arc lamp microscope illuminators

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Guaranteed alignment and uniformity greatly improves image quality
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No need for maintenance or dealer alignment
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Higher intensity
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Excellent stability
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Better value, lower price and much longer lamp life


Unlike with a Hg arc lamp microscope illuminator, the ScopeLite 200 is always in focus and always provides the best possible image quality. The ScopeLite 200 optimizes a pre-aligned, self-focusing 200-watt metal halide lamp. Combining the line output of a mercury lamp spectrum with the versatility of a broadband lamp, the ScopeLite 200 is ideal for a multitude of applications ranging from fluorescence microscopy to cosmetic dentistry.

The typical lamp life is 2,000 hours. Even after 2,000 hours, more than 70 percent of the lamp’s original power output still remains. Every metal halide lamp has a temperature sensor to shut down if overheating occurs. The ScopeLite 200 displays hours of operation on the front panel, allowing you to know when the lamp needs replacement. When that time comes, lamp replacement is quick and easy. The ScopeLite 200 features a side panel that opens and allows easy access to the lamp, which snaps into place in seconds.

The ScopeLite 200 can couple to virtually any microscope and it comes with everything that you need: lamp, housing, power supply and a two-meter liquid light guide. The only thing that you need to specify is the make and model of your microscope and whether you will couple it to your epi-port or directly to the microscope.

OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.
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