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The Tunable PowerArc™ Micro-Illuminator is one of many inter-connectable optical components. Hence the name of our company, Optical Building Blocks Corporation. These Optical Building Blocks can be ordered together to form a complete subassembly or they can be subsequently added to one another. In fact there are enough OBB components to choose from to build your own complete optical system for various spectroscopy requirements.

Compatible Optical Building Blocks

Optical Shopper

PMT Photometers

OBB Corporation has a selection of PMT-based microscope photometers that can be coupled to the C-mount of any microscope. These photometers have a bilateral and adjustable iris that that is parfocal with the image plane and also an eye piece on the photometer, thus allowing you to select any region from the full field of view to the smallest rectangular area in the field of view from which measure a signal. A simple flipping mirror allows you to send light either to the eyepiece for targeting or to the PMT detector. OBB’s microscope photometers can be configured with single, dual or triple PMT housing detectors. Together the Tunable PowerArc™ Micro-Illuminator and the OBB microscope photometer effectively make for a complete micro-spectrofluorometer. To learn more about our PMT-based microscope illuminators, click here.

Tunable Microscope Illuminator and Detector

Programmable shutter

A computer controlled shutter can be ordered at the time of original order. The programmable shutter is positioned inside the monochromator at the entrance port, so selecting this option precludes the use of a folding mirror or flipping mirror on the entrance port of the monochromator. The programmable shutter requires the MD-2000 USB motor controller interface box for control with LabVIEW* software from National Instruments. A very simple software package is also provided by OBB to remotely control the shutter. Requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system.

Programmable computer control

An optional computer control accessory is available. It includes a stepper motor assembly, an MD-2s000 USB motor controller interface box and a LabVIEW* driver for computer control of the monochromator wavelength with LabVIEW software from National Instruments.

A very simple software package is also provided by OBB to remotely select the wavelength and control the shutter. Requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system.

Software Screen Shots
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Monochromator Software Monochromator Software


There are many other accessories and options to choose from for the Tunable PowerArc Micro-Illuminator. Send us a quote request to view them all.

*LabVIEW is a trade mark of National Instrument

OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.
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