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Tunable Illuminator OBB Corp is proud to present a computer controlled tunable high-intensity illuminator for virtually any fluorescencemicroscope. It is comprised of: a powerful point source arc lamp, power supply and integrated igniter, motorized high throughput quarter-meter type Czerny-Turner monochromator, and USB computer interface and software. All you need to do is select a grating and lamp.


Tunable High Intensity Microscope Illuminator

OB-4000 Complete tunable high intensity light source illumination. Includes monochromator with motor drive under computer software control, 75 watt lamp and lamp adapter included, and 1,200 g/mm x 300 nm grating. Light delivery by means of 2 mm diameter, 2 meter length liquid light guide (>30% transmission range 280 - 700 nm)
Specify microscope adaptor required.
Other lamps and gratings are available. Refer to light sources, monochromators and light guides to custom build an illuminator.
OB-2014 MD-2000 dual stepper motor driver. Includes USB control box, software, and Lab view driver. Controls up to two stepper motors and one shutter. Stepper motor not included.
OB-0259 Stepper motor assembly for monochromator. For use with MD-2000 when used with two monochromators or a monochromator and a chopper.
OB-0220 Programmable monochromator shutter
(requires 2014)

Select Microscope Adaptor


OB-0408 Microscope adaptor for Leica DMIRB: LLG direct (no epi-port)
OB-0409 Microscope adaptor for Leica DMIRB: LLG to epi-port


OB-0439 Microscope adaptor for Motic AE20/21/30/31/2000: LLG direct (no epi-port)


OB-0407 Microscope adaptor for Nikon Diaphot 200/300: LLG direct (no epi-port)
OB-0405 Microscope adaptor for Nikon Diaphot TMD: LLG direct (no epi-port)
OB-0406 Microscope adaptor for Nikon Diaphot TMD: LLG to epi-port
OB-0400 Microscope adaptor for Nikon Eclipse: LLG to epi-port
OB-0404 Microscope adaptor for Nikon TE-2000: LLG direct (no epi-port)
OB-0403 Microscope adaptor for Nikon TE-2000: LLG to epi-port
OB-0424 Microscope adaptor for Nikon Ti-U: LLG direct (no epi-port)
OB-0425 Microscope adaptor for Nikon Eclipse, TE-2000, Ti-U, Ni-U: LLG to epi-port bayonet
OB-0402 Microscope adaptor for Nikon TS-100: LLG direct (no epi-port)
OB-0401 Microscope adaptor for Nikon TS-100: LLG to epi-port


OB-0432 Microscope adaptor for Olympus CK-40/AX: LLG to epi-port
OB-0415 Microscope adaptor for Olympus IMT-2: LLG direct (no epi-port)
OB-0438 Microscope adaptor for Olympus IMX-70/BX-50: LLG direct (no epi-port)
OB-0416 Microscope adaptor for Olympus IMX-71/BX-51: LLG to epi-port


OB-0440 Microscope adaptor for Zeiss Axio Observer A1: LLG direct (no epi-port)
OB-0413 Microscope adaptor for Zeiss Axioscope (older pre epi-port ): LLG direct (no epi-port)
OB-0414 Microscope adaptor for Zeiss Axioscope 2FS: LLG direct (no epi-port)
OB-0412 Microscope adaptor for Zeiss Axiovert 135: LLG direct (no epi-port)
OB-0410 Microscope adaptor for Zeiss Axiovert/Axioscope: LLG to epi-port

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OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.
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