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Tunable PowerArc™ Micro-Illuminator Specifications

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Tunable PowerArc™ Output Curves

You can customize a Tunable PowerArc™ Micro-Illuminator to suit your specific needs. The lamp and grating selected primarily determine the performance of the illuminator. However for any given lamp and grating the slit adjustment (or bandwidth) selected will also affect the intensity output of the unit.
Below are a series of intensity output curves for different configurations of the Tunable PowerArc™ Micro-Illuminator. There are far too many variables to provide output curves for all possible combinations for these illuminators. If you are interested in an illuminator with a different grating than those shown below, then you can compare the grating curves of that grating with one listed below to get a pretty good idea of how your particular illuminator will perform.


Output curve with 300 nm blazed grating


Output curve with 750 nm blazed grating


The Tunable PowerArc™ Micro-Illuminator can deliver up to 10 milliwatts of tunable light output!


Optical Performance Specifications

Optical Power > 10 mW (grating, bandpass & wavelength dependent)
Spot Size at Slit Exit 5 to 10 mm (lamp and slit dependent)
Diverging Beam Angle (full) 14.5 degrees
Numerical Aperture (N.A.) 0.12
Optical Noise 0.07% RMS
Optical Stability 0.2%


75 Watt Switch Mode Power Supply Specifications

Input (user selectable) 90–274 V AC, 50–60 Hz
Power Rating 50 to 100 watts
Operating Voltage 10 to 25 volts
Operating Current
3 to 7 amps
Pre-Ignition Voltage
65–75 V DC
Ripple at Max Current
< 3% peak to peak
Stability After Warm-up
Line Voltage Regulation
< 0.5% current variation for 5 volts line change


75 to 150 Watt Universal Power Supply Specifications

Input (user selectable) 105–120 V/60 Hz or 210–240 V/50 Hz
Power Rating 0 to 150 watts
Operating Voltage 10 to 24 volts
Operating Current
0 to 8 amps
Pre-Ignition Voltage
> 85 volts
Ripple at Max Current
< 10 millivolts
Stability After Warm-up
Line Voltage Regulation
0.1% current variation for 5 volts line change
Load Regulation
0.1% current variation for 50% change in load impedance
Dimensions 4.5 x 10.75 x 12.5 inches, 11.5 x 27.3 x 31.8 cm
Weight 12 pounds, 5.45 kg

Higher Resolution Gratings Can Provide Higher Intensities

The data curves above are all from illuminators that had a 1,200 g/mm grating. You will note from these curves that doubling the bandpass, or slit size, typically results in a factor of four increase in intensity. This is true as long as the slit size is the same or equal to the optical spot size. Therefore if you used a 2,400 g/mm grating you would be doubling the slit size from a 1,200 g/mm grating to maintain an equivalent bandpass. Thus a Tunable PowerArc™ Illuminator equipped with a xenon lamp and a 2,400 g/mm grating blazed at 300 nm will give you up to 80 milliwatts of optical power in a 20 nm bandpass. However the 2,400 g/mm grating will only mechanically scan up to 600 nm, see monochromator for more details.


For more information on the Tunable PowerArc™ Micro-Illuminator visit the Tunable PowerArc™ Micro-Illuminator Applications page.

OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.
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