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The OC-5000 optical chopper is one of many inter-connectable optical components. Hence the name of our company, Optical Building Blocks Corporation. These Optical Building Blocks can be ordered together to form a complete subassembly or they can be subsequently added to one another. In fact there are enough OBB components to choose from to build your own complete optical system for various spectroscopy requirements.

Compatible Optical Building Blocks

Light Source

Arc Lamps

OBB has an excellent selection of high intensity arc lamp systems. The OC-5000 optical chopper can be used on a stand-alone basis to pulse the otherwise continuous output of one of these light sources. We have a light shield adapter tube that can hold the optical chopper to physically connect the chopper to the arc lamp housing and create a portable pulsed illuminator. Inside the light shield you can also add an optional IR filter to remove the heat component of the. To learn more about our arc lamp systems, click here.

Light Source and Chopper
Tunable Light Source

Tunable Illuminators

OBB offers the Tunable PowerArc™ Illuminator which provides a continuous beam of light anywhere from 180 to 2,200 nm. The OC-5000 optical chopper can be added into the tunable illuminator to create a pulsed tunable illuminator. To learn more about our Tunable PowerArc™, click here.

Tunable Light Source and Chopper
Liquid Light Guide

PMT Detectors

OBB Corporation has a selection of detectors that can be coupled to the sample compartment, including PMT housings (cooled and non-cooled) and NIR InGaAs detectors. These detectors can be used in conjunction with the OC-5000 optical chopper and a lock-in amplifier to reduce signal noise. To learn more about our detectors, click here. To learn more about or monochromators, click here. Chopper and Detector


There are many other accessories and options to choose from OBB's Optical Choppert. Send us a quote request to view them all.

OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.

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