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The back of the OBB PMT housing has a ¾ inch opening which exposes the side on PMT photocathode. The photocathode is 0.68" (17.27 mm) from the outside surface at the back of the PMT housing. There are four mounting holes for M3 flathead screws included with the PMT housing. These screws mount from the inside of the PMT housing (when opened up) to connect the housing to a spectrometer or adapter plate with M3 taps positioned as indicated in the following drawing.

PMT Mounting Info


Compatible Optical Building Blocks



OBB has an excellent 200 mm focal length monochromator that would allow you to use the OBB PMT housing as a scanning and tunable light detector. If you would like to couple the PMT housing to our monochromator, then we have a micrometer slit adapter to physically connect them and create a tunable detector with variable bandwidth selection. To learn more about our monochromators, click here. Detector and Monochromator
Sample Compartment

Sample Compartment

If you would like to couple your PMT housing to a sample compartment for spectroscopy measurements of solutions or solids, then we have an ideal solution. The OBB QuadraCentric sample compartment is an excellent unit that has various sample handling capabilities. You can connect the PMT housing and then have up to three other input or output optical channels to or from the central sample holder. So you could create a right angle fluorometer or scatter system, a transient absorption system or a straight through absorbance spectrometer with the appropriate electro-optical components. For each optical channel in the sample compartment there are collection optics and a filter holder for wavelength selection. To learn more click here. Detector and Sample Compartment
Liquid Light Guide

Light Guides

Liquid light guides, fiber bundles and single fibers are excellent light delivery components that offer flexibility and versatility. OBB Corporation has a selection of light guides to choose from, as well as SMA adapters for single fibers. If you would like to use a liquid light guide, fiber bundle or single fiber with your OBB PMT housing then we have a number of light guides and adapters to choose from.

Detector and Liquid Light Guide
Optical Shopper

Optical Choppers

If you would like to use the OBB PMT housing in analog mode with a lock-in amplifier for noise reduction, then we have  then we have an optical chopper with a USB interface that can do the job. It is used on a stand-alone basis with a third party lock-in amplifier. To learn more click here. Detector and Optical Chopper


Other Accessories

Micrometer slit accessory

This allows you to continuously adjust a slit mounted in front of the PMT housing to attenuate the light delivered to the detector.


OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.

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