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The PowerArc™ illuminator is one of many interconnectable optical components. Hence the name of our company, Optical Building Blocks Corporation. These Optical Building Blocks can be ordered together to form a complete subassembly or they can be subsequently added to an existing OBB component. In fact there are enough OBB components to choose from to build your own complete optical system for various spectroscopy requirements.

Compatible Optical Building Blocks



OBB has an excellent 200 mm focal length monochromator. If you would like to couple the PowerArc™ illuminator to our monochromator, then we have a light shield adapter tube to physically connect them and create a tunable illuminator. To learn more about our monochromators, click here.  Incidentally, if you are looking for such a tunable illuminator we have a separate page describing them here. Light Source and Monochromator
Optical Shopper

Optical Choppers

If you would like to convert the continuous illumination of the PowerArc™ into a pulsed light source then we have an optical chopper that can do the job. It can be used on a stand alone basis or it can be physically mounted into a light shield adapter tube that would become an extension of the PowerArc™ lamp housing. To learn more click here. Light Source and Optical Chopper
Sample Compartment

Sample Compartment

If you would like to couple your PowerArc™ lamp housing into a sample compartment, then we have an ideal solution. The OBB QuadraCentric sample compartment is an excellent unit that has various sample handling capabilities. There is also a light shield adapter tube that directly couples the PowerArc™ lamp housing to the sample compartment with matching optics to focus light into the sample. You can then have up to three other input or output optical channels to or from the central sample holder. So you could create a right angle fluorometer or scatter system or a straight through absorbance spectrometer with the appropriate detection components. For each optical channel in the sample compartment there is also a filter holder for wavelength selection. To learn more click here. Light Source and Sample Compartment
Liquid Light Guide

Light Guides

Liquid light guides have become the flexible light guide of choice for non laser based light handling. OBB Corporation has a selection of liquid light guides to choose from. If you would like to use a liquid light guide with your PowerArc™ lamp housing then we have an adapter tube that will connect the lamp housing to the light guide. It can even accommodate an IR filter to prevent damage to the light guide from being photodamaged. Light Source and Liquid Light Guide


Other Accessories

Collimating Lenses

If you need a collimated optical beam, then a collimating lens can be employed for the diverging beam after the light focal point. Be sure to match the collimating lens for your beam diameter requirements and for the f/# of the OBB light source you are considering. OBB offers a number of collimating lenses to choose from. Also if you need a uniform collimated beam of light be sure to consider an optical diffuser.


There are many other accessories and options to choose from for the PowerArc™ lamp housing. Send us a quote request to view them all.

OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.
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