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Still using an old style, vertical, arc lamp housing with an ozone venting chimney?

Optical Building Blocks Corporation has a much better alternative.

If you need a broadband light source in the UV/Vis/NIR portion of the spectrum, an arc lamp has no peer. The intensity of an arc lamp is extremely high and, depending on the lamp, reasonably continuous throughout the region from 240 to 1200 nanometers. Usable intensities are even available in the deep UV to 180 nm and in the near infrared to 2500 nm.

While arc lamps themselves are very similar from manufacturer to manufacturer, the arc lamp housings that contain these lamps are very different. As such the arc lamp housing can have a dramatic affect on how an arc lamp illuminator performs. The arc lamp housing needs to hold the lamp, provide electrical contact, collect and deliver light emitted from the arc, and maintain a good operating temperature. We believe that our long experience in light source design is what allows us to give you a unique light source that truly is a better design.

Key Benefits of the OBB PowerArc™ arc lamp housing design:

Arc lamp housing check
Delivers Five to Six Times More Light
Arc lamp housing check
Ozone Free Lamp Housing with No Venting Chimney
Arc lamp housing check
More Compact
Arc lamp housing check
Environmentally Friendly Producing no Ozone and Consuming Less Energy
Arc lamp housing check
Less Expensive

A 75 Watt Xenon Arc Lamp Illuminator from OBB Provides the Same Power Output as a 450 Watt Xenon Arc Lamp in a Vertical Lamp Housing!

Users of old style vertical arc lamp housings are throwing away as much as 90% of the lamps output, due to poor collection efficiency. These old style vertical lamp housings have a collection lens in front of the arc lamp and sometimes, but not always, a back reflector behind them. The problem with this old design is that only the light that actually strikes these optical elements is delivered outside of the lamp housing. All other photons emitted by the lamp are wasted, simply heating the inside of the lamp housing. Conversely the unique OBB PowerArc™ lamp housing has an enveloping ellipsoidal reflector that collects virtually all of the light emitted by the lamp arc, delivering those photons to a secondary focal point outside of the lamp housing, and it does so without any lenses.

Arc Lamp Housing Lamp Orientation

For the same bulb, the OBB PowerArc™ delivers 5 to 6 times more light, to the secondary focus! That means that an OBB PowerArc™ lamp housing with a 75 watt xenon lamp provides the equivalent optical power of a 450 watt xenon lamp in an old style vertical lamp housing. And it does so with greater power density due to a smaller focal spot, and at a small fraction of the cost of a big old 450 watt illuminator.

For more information on the PowerArc™ visit the PowerArc™ Hardware page.

OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.
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