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Fiber optic cartridge

Single 40 meter long, 400 microns, UV fiber, coiled into a cartridge for easy use in any lab configuration. Includes laser focusing lens and single fiber turret to connect single fiber to the laser output.

Fiber to OBB microscope adapters

Coupling adapters available for virtually any upright or inverted fluorescence microscope. Contact OBB for a list of compatible microscopes.

Fiber to OBB sample compartment adapter

Couples the single fiber from the fiber optic cartridge into the OBB sample compartment for laser delivery to the sample holder. Includes adapter block and fiber output collection lens.

Optical Trigger

If you need to synchronize the laser with other equipment very accurately, less than a nanosecond (input or output) then you require our optical trigger. Includes fast photodiode and quartz beamsplitter.

Analog output detector

To measure the output of the laser (non calibrated).

Laser dye cells

Quartz cuvettes to pre-load laser dyes for quick change of dye laser output.

Premixed laser dyes

50 cc pre-mixed laser dyes from 365 nm to 960 nm.

OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.
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