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For experiments in the life science laboratory, Nitrogen and Dye Lasers can easily be fiber-optically coupled to a microscope


High Power Dye LaserModel OL-401 Littrow Cavity Dye Laser

OBB’s OL-401 Dye Laser is built around a single stage Littrow configuration cavity, providing continuously tunable output from 360 to 900 nm. The pulse energy at 500 nm is 250 microjoules. With a pulse width of 1 nanosecond and a bandwidth of 1 to 3 nm, OBB’s OL-401 is perfect for general spectroscopy.

After placing the dye in the cuvette holder, set the desired wavelength on the digital readout. There are no optical elements that ever need to be adjusted to get this laser to operate throughout its entire tuning range. The dye is contained in 1 cm laser cuvette, and there is no need for stirring or mixing of the dye. There really is no dye laser that is easier to use than this! For computer control of the output wavelength, a motorizing option can be purchased.

NOTE: OBB’s Model OL-401 Dye Laser ships with one cuvette and a vial of OD-500 dye (500 nm peak wavelength), which is used for factory calibration.

Dye Laser Wavelenght Chart

OL-401 Tuning Curve

OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.
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