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Tunable KiloArc™ Specifications

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Tunable KiloArc™ Output Curves

You can customize a Tunable KiloArc™ Illuminator to suit your specific needs. The lamp and grating selected primarily determine the performance of the illuminator. However for any given lamp and grating the slit adjustment (or bandwidth) selected will also affect the intensity output of the unit.

Below are a series of intensity output curves for different configurations of the Tunable KiloArc™ Illuminators. There are far too many variables to provide output curves for all possible combinations for these illuminators. If you are interested in an illuminator with a different grating than those shown below, then you can compare the grating curves of that grating with one listed below to get a pretty good idea of how your particular illuminator will perform.


Output curve with 300 nm blazed grating


Output curve with 500 nm blazed grating



Comparision of 300 nm and 500 nm blazed gratings

The Tunable KiloArc™ Illuminator can deliver up to 1 watt of tunable light output!

Optical Performance Specifications

Optical Power
> 300 m W (grating, bandpass & wavelength dependent)
Spot Size at Slit Exit 10 mm (slit dependent)
Diverging Beam angle (full) 14.4 degrees
Numerical Aperture (N.A.) 0.12
Short Term Optical Noise* 0.15% RMS
Optical Stability 0.2%

* 1,000 points/s, 1 s duration, 1.5 KHz detector bandwidth

OBB KiloArc™ Other Specifications

Other Specifications

210–240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Starting 45 kV starting pulse
Power Rating 800–1200 watts (adjustable) — recommended 800–1000 watts
Lamp Module Type 1000 W Xenon, 1000 W Mercury/Xenon (proprietary to OBB)
Lamp Life Typically 1,500 hrs
Focusing Optics High efficiency f/4 ellipsoid reflector
Power Precision 0.04% (0.4 watts)
Output Volts Compliance 17–23 VDC
Output Current Limit
70 A rms
Height 329 mm (12.9 inches)
Width 375 mm (14.8 inches)
Length 489 mm (19.3 inches)
Weight 31 kg (68 pounds)
Window Diameter (D) 127 mm (5.0 inches)
Center Beam Line Height (without feet) 128 mm (5.0 inches)


Monochromator Dimensions

Length 241 mm long (9.5 inches)
Width 272 mm wide (10.7 inches)
Height 115 mm high (4.5 inches)
Weight 7.3 kg (16 lbs)


Monochromator Digital Slit Assembly Dimensions

Length 10 mm thick
Width 85 mm wide
Height 180 mm high of which 113 mm (4.4 inches) is above the lid of the monochromator


Optional Motor Controller Specifications

Power Supply Universal power supply included
TTL Output Synchronization TTL output each time motor stops
Stepper Motor Two phase motor 1 A per phase, 200 steps per revolution, 1.8 degree per step
Maximum Motor Speed 1200 RPM with zero torque
Maximum Speed with Mono 15,000 nm per minute
Stepping Motor Voltage 5–12 V
Stepping Modes Full, Half and Micro steps: 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 computer selectable
Slew Rate 1 to 62,500 micro steps per second
Calibration Auto calibration of wavelength
Ramping Linear ramping rate for heavy duty, fast, precision operation


For more information on the Tunable KiloArc™ visit the Tunable KiloArc™ Applications page.

OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.
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